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Venus Twirling Baton

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The Venus twirling baton has a beautiful classic look, as well as "retro" styling. Lots & lots of former twirlers & majorettes have a Venus tucked into the back of their closet!

The ball, or big end of the baton, is sculpted with distinctive, dimensional stars. The shaft has 2 bands of hammering that is done by hand - add lots of sparkle and shine when twirled!

  • Professionally weighted - not like a baton you'll find in a toy store
  • Standard 3/8 inch thick shaft
  • The 2 bands of hammered detail are positioned on either side of the shaft's center
  • The Venus is a super choice for twirlers of all skill levels
  • Ultra-long lasting and durable
  • Manufactured of non-bending, chrome plated steel
  • This model recommended by professional coaches and teachers worldwide
  • Delivered to you new and sealed in manufacturer's packaging
  • Made in USA

Manufactured by Star Line, an American company in business since 1959 and the established and respected leader of baton products. Many competitors and champions worldwide choose Star Line.
We are an authorized Star Line dealer; buy direct from the source you can trust!