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How To Measure for a Twirling Baton

Just the Right Size

Choosing a twirling baton that is the correct length is easy! Selecting an accurate baton size is important, just as it is when getting the right size shoes or pants. A correctly sized baton is more fun to twirl and helps the twirling student accomplish more success. This video demonstrates how to take the measurement.  And you can scroll down to the text below for even more information.

What Size of Twirling Baton Should I Buy?

Twirling batons come in a wide assortment of lengths, to fit a person of any size and height. It is important to select the correct length of baton for ease of handling, and for a beautiful visual effect. A baton that is too long will get caught on the twirler's body and feel uncomfortable. A baton that is too short will create an odd appearance and be awkward to handle.

Professionally manufactured, good quality twirling batons are typically available from 14 inches (35 cms) to 32 inches (81 cms). Batons are made in 1 inch increments, so a good fit is easy to achieve. Certain baton styles may not be available in the very shortest and very longest lengths, but you may be surprised at the wonderful variety of baton styles available in the size you need. There are batons to fit the youngest toddlers just starting out, as well as tall adults with long limbs.

How to Measure for the Correct Baton Length

It's easy! Have the person stand erect and extend one arm straight ahead, parallel with the floor. Use a tape measure or yard stick. Measure from the top of the shoulder where it meets the neck, out to the tip of the middle finger. If the measurement is between baton sizes, choose the larger measurement...or in other words, size up.

It's best to be measured by another person if possible. Trying to measure your own arm may give you an inaccurate result.

But What if I Can't Take a Measurement?

Is this baton going to be a gift and you don't want to spoil the surprise? Is that twirler sound asleep and you really need to order the baton tonight? You can certainly make a guesstimate!

Based on age, here are some estimates for choosing the best twirling baton length:

Age 1-4: 18 inches(45 cms)
Age 5-7 - 20 inches (51 cms)
Age 8-10 - 22 inches (56 cms)
Age 11-12 - 24 inches (61 cms)
Age 13-14 - 26 inches (66 cms)
Age 15+ - 28 inches (71 cms)

If the person is tall for their age, add 1-2 inches. If they are small for their age, subtract 1-2 inches.

This approach won't provide the accuracy of taking an actual measurement. So be sure to check the return policy of your vendor in case you need to make an exchange for the correct size baton. At Twirl Planet we recommend you leave the baton in it's packaging and don't remove any hang tag until the twirler can hold the baton along an extended arm and check the length. The student can try a few basic twirls and get the "feel" of the baton length while the baton is still in it's packaging. If participating in a class or lessons, it's a good idea to have the coach or teacher check the baton length before removing any packaging.

Listen to Your Baton Twirling Coach

Of course, if the twirler is working with a baton teacher or coach, be sure to consult with her or him about your baton selection. If the baton student is a beginner who will be taking a class, ask the teacher for specific recommendations, if possible.

Otherwise, just follow the simple guidelines above and you are on your way to a fun, satisfying twirling experience with a baton that fits well.

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