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Twirl Star Flag Shaft

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The Twirl Star Flag Shaft is a chrome-plated flag baton that is a wonderful choice for praise & worship dancers, and other performing groups. The inventive swivel tube prevents a flag from "winding up" onto the shaft.

This professionally manufactured twirling flag baton is from Star Line. Ideal for band flag performers, praise and worship dance, color guard and other pageantry artists.

  • Shaft is designed of chrome-plated steel. You can expect durability and years of use!
  • Durable plastic swivel tube keeps a flag swinging around the shaft (instead of wrapping around the shaft). Swivel tube is replaceable.
  • The white rubber ball handle is weighted for easy handling.
  • Durable rubber tip
  • Completely assembled.
  • Flag is not included. Flag shaft is ready for you to slide your own flag on.
  • 18" shaft has 11 1/2" tube, 22" shaft has 15" tube, 25" shaft has 17" tube, 28" shaft has 19" tube, 32" shaft has 23" tube.
  • Delivered to you new and sealed in manufacturer's packaging
  • Made in USA

What length flag shaft to order? We recommend taking a measurement to select the ideal flag shaft length. Have a friend or partner help you. Stand straight and tall with your shoulders relaxed and hands & arms relaxed at your side. Using a tape measure or yardstick, take a measurement from the middle of your hand, right at the center of your palm, straight down to the floor. Use that measurement, and select the flag shaft length close to it. No worries if length measurements do not exactly match. It is very easy to make adjustments and get good clearance from the floor while using a flag shaft, by adapting at the elbow and wrist.

Most adults order 28". Children aged 2-10 typically use 18"-22". Teens typically use 25"-28". Taller adults or performers desiring a larger flag look use 32". Some performers select a flag shaft that is longer than a usual recommended length, in order to create a "bigger" and spectacular visual effect.


Manufactured by Star Line, an American company in business since 1959 and the established and respected leader of baton and pageantry products. We are an authorized Star Line dealer; buy direct from the source you can trust!